Scott Hoying

Whether you’re obsessed with Scott Hoying or have stumbled upon this article by chance, we are going to delve deep into the world of Scott, clearly identifying his relationship and sexual preferences, be that with men or women.

Scott rose to fame with his A Capella band Pentatonix who debuted back in 2011 on the famous NBC “The Sing Off,” where they captivated the attention of millions of people across America. The band quickly amassed a huge international following of loyal subjects, some of which began to question whether Scott Hoying was gay or not. Although this was an unknown prior to his international music success, the real answer has been defined through his actions more recently.

So, Is Scott from PTX Gay?

In 2017 the global hit married his model boyfriend, Mark Manio, cementing his sexuality in the public eye as a gay man. The wedding was a public affair, with many romantic images of the pair making their way to various online platforms. Since then, Scott has welcomed many positive comments and different areas of support, particularly shown on his social media accounts. Scott is an active supporter of other gay men and encourages all guys to remain true to themselves, despite their original fears.

Gay Members of Pentatonix

We’re often asked across our socials and email, “Who is gay in Pentatonix?” So, we’re going to answer once and for all leaving you totally sure of who is gay and who isn’t gay in the band.

While not all of the Pentatonix band are homosexual, 2 members have come forward and told the public they’re gay to date; aside from the aforementioned Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi is the other gay member of Pentatonix that we know of. However, the whole group are vocal supporters of the LGBTQ+ community, often voicing their support online and being seen together at LGBTQ+ public events. All members of Pentatonix are intolerant to homophobia and are consistently working hard to break down the barriers faced by gay people in the music industry, leading to everyone feeling comfortable enough to be true to themselves about their sexuality.

Pentatonix fans are largely very supportive of LGBTQ+ rights and the whole community, and as the band reaches such a wide, diverse audience, the message of positivity towards all sexualities is spread, helping further eliminate the stigma associated with same-sex relationships without damaging the public profiles of anyone who decides to open up about the way they feel.

Scott Hoying

Born – 17th September 1991, Arlington, USA

Scott is a 3-time Grammy award winner, 2-time Emmy nomination, 20% of the group Pentatonix and 50% of the duo SuperFruit, who have never been shied away from promoting what he believes in. An active gay and supporter of LGBTQ+, Scott loves to stand up and be counted, making his voice heard where ever possible.

Having helped create 11 international acclaimed albums, 4 songs that have reached the Billboard Top 100 and 2 EP’s, Scott is no stranger to the limelight that stardom brings, as well as the pitfalls and barrage of verbal abuse sometimes received but unwelcomed, having achieved all this despite facing endless scrutiny regarding his sexuality.

Scott has no regrets about divulging his sexuality to the public.

Mitch Grassi

Born – 24th July 1992, Arlington USA

This Texas-born singer and songwriter has achieved an endless list of honors during his career in music, largely with his group Pentatonix. Famed for his high tenor voice, Grassi achieved International Recognition for his part in the band, with his 50% role in the SuperFruit duo with Scott Hoying attained the majority of his exposure.

During his short life, Grassi has seen his fair share of abuse for being gay, but he’s never let this stop him from achieving his goals of being known worldwide for his beautiful tone. Despite early-life setbacks growing up different, Grassi hit the heights and can now live comfortably without needing to work again off the back of his previous successes in music, should he not require. But we hope this isn’t the case!

So now that you’ve all the facts needed to make the correct judgment, you can stop wondering, “is Scott Hoying gay,” “are the Pentatonix gay,” or “who is gay in PTX.” As of today, 2/5 of the members have currently come out as homosexual, Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi, but that’s not to say a third isn’t soon to follow! Who knows? Time will tell!

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