Travel Buddies

Finding connections and people to travel with seems like two things that typically don't go together. Invariably, you'll use online dating sites to meet new guys, get to know them, go on dates, date for a while, and then plan trips. However, it's time to turn this on its head! Now you can meet people with the sole purpose of going traveling! Get chatting and create an itinerary that works for everyone! You could even go as a group and make the most of it. There are hundreds of different things to try; let's dive into how to get started.

Meeting Perfect Gay Travel Companions

Finding the right people to travel with doesn't mean searching in your friendship group. Sometimes your friends don't share the same passion for adventure; subsequently, you can feel a little stuck. No longer! With hundreds of travel buddy websites emerging, you can meet like-minded men wanting the same adventure. Just like anything online, there are lots to choose from, which can lead to confusion; we've compiled a lot of the top websites for you so you can have a safe / fun-filled holiday!

  • Misterbnb. The gay version of Airbnb connecting you with gay-friendly hosts across the world. The site offers a great deal on accommodation and will show you the local gay scene. Brilliant if you're ready to make the jump and get adventuring.
  • Multiple gay dating services (Gaystryst, Grindr, etc.) Those platforms make it effortless for single gay guys to meet others. Use these platforms for dating, hooking up, or as platonic sites to find friends and companions. The versatility is endless and can make your experience better. Join communities through gay dating services and find people who share your travel passions.
  • Travel Buddies. With no emphasis on sexual orientation, this app opens your scope of a search to show what's available. Get in touch with people who've traveled before and know what they're doing, or get to know voyaging newbies like yourself and learn together.

This selection of websites, whilst short, will introduce you to the world of gay travel buddies and enable you to get comfortable before exploring further. Who knows what sort of people you could meet through these sites?

How to Discover the Best Gay Travel Buddy?

A special mention goes to LGBT Travel Club who endorse safe journeying around the UK and help people like yourself understand their rights and what's available to them. They've done some influential work and should be your first port-of-call if you plan to go to England, Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland.

Another way to make the most of your journey is to join Facebook groups. The platform has seen a decrease in popularity in recent years (Instagram seems to have taken first place); regardless, the communities on there are bountiful. Either find groups in your area or in the places you wish to go. It's surprising how helpful Facebook can be when connecting with new people. Additionally, with the dating feature they're recently added, you can combine your wish to have an adventure with your desire for romantic companionship.

When you venture out to gay-friendly areas, you'll find that they'll have a selection of gay bars/ spaces that you can visit. Australia, for example, has three hot places for you to visit and have some fun at. From Gaytopia to The Blokes Pub Club – Gay Blokes Social Club in Melbourne, to Sydney's Non -Scene Gay Men Meet up, there's something for everyone; it's about time you find your scene.

Exploring gay sex tours and finding gay travel buddies is such a brilliant experience in any homosexual's life. Meeting new people, seeing new places, and growing as a person all happen when you embark on this journey, and we're ecstatic to be a part of it. Start signing up to gay travel buddy sites and get to know like-minded men with a passion for adventure.


Are there dangers to finding travel buddies?

Anything online presents its own dangers/ risks. However, it's how careful you are that determine if they're legitimate concerns. Keeping friends and family clued up on your travel plans will keep you safe; get insurance for your journey and do your research on the areas you're about to explore.

What if I don't meet anyone I like?

There's always a chance that you won't click with anyone online and thus face the prospect of venturing out alone. That's completely fine! If you're safe (outlined above) and you're sensible, you'll be fine. Alternatively, delay your travel plans until you meet someone you'd be happy to travel with.

What if I want to go somewhere that isn't necessarily "gay-friendly"?

Being gay doesn't mean you should have to limit your travel plans. Just ensure you do your research first so that you know the healthcare availability in your chosen area. Just remember to have fun and let your hair down! You deserve a break.

How long should I get to know people before traveling?

However long feels comfortable to you. Some will jump straight in; others will play the long game. Chat with other men until you feel safe enough to make plans for your journey. Maybe meet for coffee before you get serious about plans. You could use this as an opportunity to brainstorm in person.

What If they don't want to go to the same places as me?

You won't agree with everyone you meet, unfortunately. Keeping open to others' ideas will make your gay travel buddy experience better, find the best of both worlds, so no one is disappointed, or broaden your search of the gay travel partners.

Should I try backpacking?

Many people have tried backpacking and loved it! It's brilliant character building and is something you can do solo or in a group. It's a cheaper way of seeing multiple places and will show you how to appreciate the little things in life. If backpacking is calling to you, explore the opportunity!