In June 2021, Xbox donated $150,000 to LGBTQIA+ non-profits and pledging to continue to reduce and prevent LGBT prejudice in their live games and chats. Thankfully Xbox seem to be committed to supporting the LGBT Xbox gay community all year round, and it isn’t just a stunt to make more money for themselves, but as gay Xbox users, how do you find other gay players?

Through your Xbox, there is no direct way to meet other Aroundmen.com gay Xbox gamers. However, several Xbox gay and bisexual forums where gay gamers can find other gay gamers to meet within the gaming world. Using Google or Reddit, it is easy to quickly find a group or forum within a few clicks and connect with other gamers who enjoy the Xbox to set up your own Xbox LGBTQ game.

Xbox Celebrating LGBT Month– Publicity Stunt or Inclusive Brand?

In June is xbox is celebrating lgbt pride month on a global scale (at least where it is possible). In the past, many global brands chose not to support pride not to lose other customers, but in the last few years and increase in pressure from both social media and celebrity influence, pride month has become a major part of many big businesses marketing plans. But it is, right?

Supporting the LGBT community should be an all-year-round thing. However, several different companies wave a flag for a month a year but never actually do anything different to help the LGBT community – is Xbox gay pride any different?

Unfortunately, the term “Xbox Player” has become common as an insult to virgins, people with small genitals, and those who are gay – which is why many Aroundmen.com users in the LGBT community still feel uncomfortable with the way discriminative words are freely thrown around in the forums.

The hostility in some games and overuse of homophobic insults is something Xbox has been working on for many years – and while it’s not possible to prevent everything that happens in live chats, repeat offenders for LGBT abuse are removed from Xbox and the Microsoft community.

Gay X Box - What are They Doing for the Gay Community?

It can be very difficult to prevent or even monitor gay x box hate speech with live chats. Still, having donated $150,000 to LGBT charities this month, gay Xbox One gamers are more comfortable than ever – and with the recent increase in LGBT-friendly games that are available across all platforms, there’s never been a better time for LGBT members to make the most of gaming.

Are There Gay Xbox Games?

With so many LGBT-friendly games, it’s no wonder Xbox is celebrating LGBT month; there has never been so many options for Xbox LGBT games, characters, and gameplay – despite a 30+ year history of LGBT-friendly games.


Is Xbox gay-friendly?

Yes – Xbox is gay friendly; during the last pride month, they donated $150,000 to different LGBT charities, as well as pledging to do more about online gaming chatrooms and live gaming bullying, where gamers (regardless of sexuality) are often called “gay” or other LGBT slurs as an insult – which can create an uncomfortable environment for LGBT+ game players.

What is an “Xbox Player”?

Xbox Player is often used as an insult online to insult a male regarding their genital size, being gay, or to be a virgin – it is an old insult from the very first live games on Xbox – however, Xbox are working harder to help LGBT members to feel comfortable and prevent homophobic bullying.

How much is an Xbox?

The most recent Xbox costs under $500 USD in the United States and can be ordered online and in-store. Previous models are also still available, both new and secondhand; however, to play many of the most recent games, it is often recommended to choose the latest model.

What is the best game for gay Xbox?

Dragon Age is often considered one of the best LGBT-friendly Xbox games (also available on other devices). Still, there are many other LGBT-friendly Xbox games that you can enjoy – whether you’re part of the LGBT community or not as an increasing number of games allow you to choose your gender and sexuality without restriction.

How can I find Xbox LGBTQ players?

Xbox doesn’t have a way to find other gamers based on their sexuality. However, you can join several different forums or browse online to find someone with the same sexual interests as you. Reddit and Google provide a range of LGBT men and women results to find like-minded players to battle on gay x box.

How can I stop being bullied for being gay on Xbox?

Joining a live chat or live game with strangers always holds a risk – however, if you find yourself being bullied or targeted online for your sexuality (or any other reason), it is easy to block and report anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable – helping you to have a comfortable experience while gaming.